About Us

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to have a World where every person has knowledge about and access to affordable health services and care, to live a dignified life.

Our mission is “To provide better health services to create lasting change”. We are committed to offering effective, participatory and sustainable services to vulnerable and marginalized communities.

Core values and Goals

Our goal is to strengthen health, education and psycho-social capacity and service delivery among vulnerable rural communities, especially women, youth, children and adolescents and contribute to their resilience and sustainable development.

We hold ourselves accountable to a set of core values in order to intensify our contribution to improving the health and lives of the people that we serve and partner with.

Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork, Diversity and inclusivity, Accountability and transparency, Volunteerism

Models and Approach

Advocacy: Bringing key rights issues and recommendations to those in power to take into account the voices of children and young people and to uphold their rights

Working in partnership: We believe that our vision can be achieved even more effectively by working with others. Working with programmatic partners, corporates and donors means we combine our expertise to advance children’s rights and equality for girls.

Commitment to social justice: HEIN4LIFE fellows believe that all human beings deserve to be treated with dignity, and that healthcare is a human right. Fellows share a vision for a better world and are committed to creating transformative change..

Collaboration: HEIN4LIFE leaders appreciate the interconnected roots of Health Innovations 4 Life inequities and seek opportunities to collaborate across disciplines and backgrounds in pursuit of health community change.

Inspiration and Mobilization: The HEIN4LIFE team can visualize a just society then paint a compelling picture for others. They communicate complex concepts clearly and seek opportunities to use their personal stories as tools to engage others in the movement for health equity.

Adaption and Innovation: Embracing experimentation and risk to develop innovative and bold new approaches, products and services. Fellows can weather adversity and remain committed to their goals. They see challenges and uncertainty as opportunities to create new solutions to old problems. They think outside the box.

Digital development: We apply technology for social, economic and political development with a focus on supporting the most vulnerable children, especially girls.

Getting Results: HEIN4LIFE leaders get things done by actively working against a business as usual attitude, they improve the wellbeing of the world’s poor and vulnerable by empowering communities, organizations and governments to bring about positive change.


Integration of Community Health Volunteer’s programs have contributed to the In-service training, financial incentives, infrastructural support and supplies, appropriate monitoring, regular supportive supervision and evaluation, and have been facilitators of success. Whereas HEIN4LIFE have contributed in training and offering placements for volunteers

Executive Board

Namara Blessing
ED and Founder.

Mr. Ellia Nyanja
Board Chairperson.

Namugwanya Pauline
Deputy Chairperson.

Mr. Peter Asiimwe
Board Member.

Dr. Miisa Nanyingi
Board Member.

Canon Dr. Kedrace T
Board Advisor.

Prof. Evard Maniple

Mbazira Rose
Board Member.


Namara Blessing
Board Secretary.

Priscilla Nkwenge K
Programs Manager

Sharon Kembabazi
Programme Manager

Moses Serunjogi